Support team


1) From the home page of the website. “There is no support or any warranty of any kind. The quality and performance of the project is with you if you choose to use it. This is a project that was created and is supported completely by volunteers.” (This is an adaptation of the original disclaimer that was part of the “Easy Setup Guide” on GitHub.)

2) On the website is the do-it-yourself troubleshooting page. Users are encouraged to use this page to solve their own issues.

3) In the installation documents, users are urged to post their issues to the CGM in the Cloud group. Any person leaving a comment in the forums of, on the Nightscout facebook page, or on the Nightscout Foundation facebook page requesting assistance, is directed to the CGM in the Cloud group.

4) The “support” volunteers are loosely organized (no set scheduling, no interview process). Once identified as being interested in support and display a team-work attitude and aptitude for problem solving, specific individuals are asked to join a Facebook group in order to discuss issues they see in the CGM in the Cloud group. However, any person that is in the CGM in the Cloud group can offer support to anyone else.

5) Individuals, not only the above-mentioned “support” group, as members of the CGM in the Cloud group, scan the posts in the CGM in the Cloud group to identify people needing assistance.

6) The only method currently used that might be used for tracking is by counting those who have successfully setup and received a certificate of completion (CGM in the Cloud Wings). It is a graphic made by a member of the support group. Any person who is a member of the CGM in the Cloud group can post that graphic to anyone else.

7) Many issues are addressed and resolved through email, private messaging and other direct communication methods. There is no capacity for capturing these conversations since they are a) private and b) unknown to anyone but the user and the person providing informal assistance.

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